Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to our forthcoming IFDA congress, due to be held Saturday October 5th 2013 at the New Scene of the National theater of Prague.

Today´s medicine is with no doubt evidence based medicine. We are seeking the best therapy for our patients from studies on large cohorts of patients. But we still have to make the therapy "fit to the patient".

What we call "personalization" of medicine is that human quality and approach that makes our profession an art. For that we need not only studies but also experience, often based on failure.

What is more important then? Experience or evidences based on statistical datas? We will seek answers to this question – among others -in this year´s congress.

Famous opinion leaders as well as experienced practitioners have accepted the invitation to speak.

We will focus on problems we encounter in our everyday practice such as hypertension or improving our care of diabetic patients. We will try to look upon these topics from different point of views. What can a diabetic order for his dinner in a restaurant and not feel guilty later in front of his physician we will ask an experienced diabetic nurse. How to modify anti-diabetics in renal failure and how to modify our treatment for an overweighed patient as well as what are the hot topics of this still very dynamic medical field? How many patients with multiple sclerosis can be diagnosed in GP´s practices and why we shouldn't overlook them? What are the new therapeutical means of epilepsy treatment including surgery approach? What is the importance of such a common symptom as cough? What are people in the CR still rather reserved about vaccination an why is it still important in today´s globalized world we will ask the chief hygiene officer Dr Valenta.

Stress is becoming omnipresent in today´s life. How to deal with its consequences such as obesity or disturbances of our sexual lives? What are the specifics of young patient´s cancer? When should we be more and when less aggressive in our diagnostic and treatment approach? When should we not prolong life, though we have more and more technical means to assure this?

These are some of the fields we would like to lead you into in this year´s Prague IFDA congress.

Looking forward to meeting you all again!

On behalf of the organization committee

MUDr.Richard Stejskal
president IFDA a kongresu 2012