Mediální partneři:
Dear colleagues,

Let me invite you to take part in the 12th Prague IFDA congress to be held October 13th 2012.

We are working on a program that should bring in one day actual topics, treatment guidelines and new approaches to everyday practice.
As it is already a custom in IFDA congresses, lectures will be 15 minutes long including 3 minutes for questions and answers. This brings an uneasy challenge to the speaker to give as much as possible of information in a short time with a practical message to take home. Stress will be put upon the transfer of a personal opinion of the speaker, based not only on evidence based medicine data, but also on the speaker´s personal medical experience. Everything else can be found today on the Internet. The moderator´s task will be to keep the time schedule and to coach the discussion to make it most useful to everyone. The Scientific Committee is working on a program, that will include among others a Vaccinology session, where we will try to find the answer why the flu vaccination rate is still so low in the Czech republic and if a major pandemic is needed to make it rise. In the Diabetology session we will be talking about new pharmacological approaches as is the therapy based on GLP-1 analogs, but also about new effects of metformin a drug used for many years and about mistakes still often made in the therapy of this serious disease. Are the myths about suicidal behavior of our patients true? How to react confronted to a suicidal patient? Stress increases in modern lifestyle. What is its impact on our cardio-vascular system? Do we have new means to treat resistant hypertension and the cardiac patient? What should be included in a yearly check-up? Are there differences in European countries? What limitations do the insurance companies impose on us in this field? Colleagues from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Italy will discuss this topic in an international session.

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee, my heartiest welcome to Prague!

MUDr.Richard Stejskal
IFDA President and President of Congress 2012